Cupertino based tech giant Apple, is reportedly preparing a significant revamp for its range of smartwatches in the coming year. The next Apple Watch is anticipated to showcase a fresh design, enhanced health monitoring capabilities, and an updated band connection mechanism.

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Finally get to share these renders I’ve been working on! 👀

Exclusive look at the upcoming Apple Watch Series X via @appltrack, based on the latest leaks and rumors as well as our own predictions. — Shea (@concept_central) April 19, 2024

According to Mark Gurman, there is a possibility that the company will deviate from its usual naming convention and opt for the name “Apple Watch X” to honor the 10th anniversary of the original Apple Watch, which was introduced in 2014.

To visualize this potential device, YouTuber Sam Kohl, renowned for his Apple product reviews on the AppleTrack channel, collaborated with graphic designer @ConceptCentral. Their joint effort resulted in the creation of visual representations that portray the speculated appearance of the Apple Watch X, drawing inspiration from rumors and leaked information.

The renders indicate a slimmer design for the Watch X, potentially 10-15% thinner than current models. The Digital Crown is expected to stay, with the chance of an additional Action Button similar to the Apple Watch Ultra.

A significant change in design could be the new magnetic band system. This would mean losing compatibility with older bands, but it offers advantages beyond aesthetics.

The current band system takes up valuable space inside the watch. Magnetic bands eliminate this bulk, potentially creating room for a thinner design and even more features packed inside.

While microLED displays were previously rumored, OLED technology seems more probable due to cost considerations.

Apple Watch X leaks and rumors in 1 hour 👀 — Sam Kohl (@iupdate) April 18, 2024

However, the new OLED panel is anticipated to be brighter and more power-efficient. This could result in longer battery life, a concern for many users.

Health features have always been a fundamental aspect of the Apple Watch. The Watch X might be the first to provide blood pressure monitoring, although blood oxygen monitoring is uncertain due to ongoing patent disputes.

The watch might also include sleep apnea monitoring.

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