The cover image shows the Watch Fit 2

Last week, the Chinese tech giant Huawei introduced its latest flagship phone, the Pura 70 series, putting a spotlight on photography. But there is more around the corner with the upcoming Watch Fit 3, and a recent leak has given us a sneak peek at its design.

Renowned leaker with a solid track record, Roland Quandt (via 9to5Mac), has revealed images of the upcoming Watch Fit 3 from Huawei on X.

Huawei Watch Fit 3 – they’re going full Apple Watch clone mode with that new, more squarish screen and the crown up there in the right corner it seems.

— Roland Quandt (@rquandt) April 19, 2024

The Watch Fit 3 sticks to the design language of its predecessor, the Watch Fit 2, featuring a rectangular shape. However, the new model adds an extra button – a rotating crown. It also has somewhat slimmer bezels and rounded corners and comes with a band that connects without traditional lugs.

Huawei’s upcoming smartwatch is expected to be available in four different colors: silver, gold, black, and pink. And as usual, Huawei will likely give you a choice between silicone and leather straps.

Smartwatch designs vary a lot between brands, especially in the world of Wear OS. But Huawei’s next smartwatch seems to be getting even closer to Apple’s design than before. Sure, rectangular smartwatches tend to look alike, but with the new button, it’s starting to feel even more like an Apple Watch.

However, Huawei’s Watch Fit line prioritizes fitness tracking over smartwatch functions. It runs a lightweight version of HarmonyOS, supporting some apps along with fitness and sleep tracking features. It also handles notifications and calls from your phone.

We’re not sure when the Watch Fit 3 will make its debut, but it’s unlikely to be officially sold in the US market.

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