Xiaomi launched the first Mi Band several years ago. The device was kind of an instant hit, thanks largely to its super cheap price tag. While the price has gone up a bit over the years, it’s still very affordable and if you’re looking for the latest version, the Xiaomi Mi Band 9 could be close to launching.

According to a report from GizChina, it appears that the Mi Band 9 was spotted recently at various certification agencies. This means that the device is being readied for a launch. There is no word on when exactly the wearable will be announced, but it looks like it could be close at hand.

In terms of specs, not much is known about the wearable at the moment. It will apparently still maintain the same 1.62-inch AMOLED display found on the Mi Band 8, but it is unclear if Xiaomi will upgrade it with GPS support. Even if it doesn’t, the Mi Band 9 could still be a compelling purchase.

Like we said, the allure of the original Mi Band was its insane price of $12. The Mi Band 8 was more expensive at around $34, but considering how much Apple and Samsung are charging for their wearables, it’s still a steal. Hopefully Xiaomi will maintain the price, but we’ll have to wait and see.

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