Samsung reportedly launching Galaxy S24 FE later this year

After skipping a year before launching the Galaxy S23 FE in early-2024, Samsung is continuing the series with the Galaxy S24 FE reportedly coming later this year.

A new report from suggests that Samsung isn’t scrapping the Fan Edition lineup after a blip with no S22 FE. The outlet outlines that the codename for the Galaxy S24 FE will be “R12.” This lines up with previous codenames for earlier releases starting with the first “Fan Edition” Galaxy S20 FE or “R8,” the S21 FE which was “R9,” and the S23 FE which was “R11.”

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Other details are scant at this stage. However, based on previous release timeframes, GalaxyClub speculates that we’ll see the Galaxy S24 FE release at some point later this year. A further expansion or wider release could occur in early-2025 after the initial launch window. Again, this all lines up with how Samsung handled the Galaxy S23 FE launch phase.

We’re also hoping that the Galaxy S24 FE offers a unified chipset across all regions. The S23 FE utilizes the 4nm Exynos 2200 in global regions, while US buyers get the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 platform. There is a disparity in performance on Qualcomm’s chips versus Samsung’s internally developed Exynos SoCs.

By utilizing the previous generation of flagship SoCs, Samsung still maintains performance, which helps lower the entry pricing. We’re hopeful that Samsung can avoid adding a premium to the Galaxy S24 FE when it is officially unveiled – as the S23 FE received a sizeable price hike compared to previous models.

No other details were shared, but given the interest in these releases over the past few years, it would be a solid addition to the existing Galaxy S24 lineup.

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