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CES 2019 8K TVs

CES 2019 8K TVs

Nerds!! 8K is here!! At CES 2019 8K TVs are on full display from Sony, Samsung and LG.

CES Preview Sony

CES 2019 Preview Sony: What to Expect

In our CES 2019 Preview of Sony, we cover what we expect to see them show at CES.

Sony Samsung CES

CES 2017 Sony and Samsung Booth Tour

For those that were not able to make it to CES 2017, we have a fly by of both Sony and Samsung's booth.  With so much cool tech to see, hopefully this gives you just a taste.

TCL XSeries

CES 2017 TCL Shows X Series Quantom Dot TVs

NERDS!! Welcome to CES 2017! TCL is showing off two new flagship TV in the X-Series featuring Quantom Dot UHD display.

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