Hisense unveils full Mini-LED lineup at CES, including 110-inch ULED X TV Check out our complete coverage of CES 2024

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Hisense unveils full Mini-LED lineup at CES, including 110-inch ULED X TV

Hisense is building on an already impressive lineup of televisions with a new series of mini-LED TVs, including one massive 100-inch ULED X model.

Hisense is splitting its release into two lineups with two existing categories – ULED and ULED X. The ULED lineup is Hisense’s more affordable lineup, tailored to most users who want a TV that brings Mini-LED without the price tag associated with high-end models.

Hisense ULED releases

The Hisense U6N, U7N, and U8N are three new releases in this more affordable category, ranging from 55 to 85 inches. The lineup runs on Google TV, a staple for Hisense at this point. The units are also capable of utilizing Dolby Vision, IMAX Enhanced, and a filmmaker Mode for a fine-tuned view backed by up to 3,000 nits of brightness.

The ULED series will be capable of 144Hz, which turns them into large gaming displays that can handle fast-paced titles. Lower input lag, G-Sync compatibility, Freesync Premium Pro, and Dolby Gaming are all at play, making the 2024 ULED lineup a great gaming series.

The U7N and U8N get a little bit of an upgrade over the U6N in that they have the company’s Hi-View Engine PRO chipset. The SoC is an AI-based unit that takes more control over the shown picture, going so far as to detect faces on screen and enhance HDR and other details.

For those who want something in the ULED category that takes up more space, Hisense is also offering a 100-inch U76N model to contend with last year’s 100-inch release. The U76N also has a 144Hz display at 4K UHD resolution and IMAX Enhanced capabilities.

Hisense ULED X TVs

The ULED X lineup offers something a little better than the ULED lineup. They both utilize Mini-LED tech, but the ULED X series brings better dimming control and overall brightness.

The 98UX is the first ULE X release from Hisense. It offers a 5,000 nits display with oer 10,000 dimming zones. Dimming zones are vital for controlling detail at minute levels for a more accurate and diverse picture. The 98-inch TV also houses a 144Hz display for gaming at the highest level.

Perhaps the most exciting release is Hisense’s 110UX, which, as the name implies, is a 110-inch ULED X TV. The massive unit employs over 40,000 dimming zones. Of course, at that size, a large number of zones is needed, but that many is quite impressive. What’s even more impressive is the brightness capability at 10,000 nits of brightness with 95% of the BT.2020 color palette, which essentially refers to an impressive color accuracy.

The 110-inch TV also uses a proprietary Hi_View Engine X SoC that gives it an artificial intelligence edge to bring the picture to a new level.

Both lineups will be available “later this year,” with the 100-inch U76N hitting stores later in January.

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The post Hisense unveils full Mini-LED lineup at CES, including 110-inch ULED X TV first appeared on 9to5google.com

Hisense unveils full Mini-LED lineup at CES, including 110-inch ULED X TV

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