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Mercedes MBUX

Last week at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas Mercedes unveiled its new MBUX Virtual Assistant and its latest in-vehicle technology, the new MBUX assistant uses generative AI and it comes with a range of features.

Mercedes also showed off their new MBUX Surround Navigation system at CES, which is designed to integrate route guidance and provide a seamless experience with 3D graphics and more.

Mercedes MBUX

The class-defining MBUX Virtual Assistant running on MB.OS is the most human-like interface with a Mercedes-Benz yet. Combining the intelligent systems of MBUX into a single entity, it presents a new face to the customer with natural and empathetic interaction. The MBUX Virtual Assistant is a further development of the system first showcased in the VISION EQXX. It uses generative AI and proactive intelligence to make life as easy, convenient and comfortable as possible. For instance, it can offer helpful suggestions based on learned behaviour and situational context. Examples include playing the latest news in the morning or initiating a preferred massage programme at the end of the working day. And if the driver is running late for a meeting entered into the calendar, the system can offer to dial in directly from the car. If the driver wishes, these processes can also be automated. The experience can be further augmented through incorporation of the vehicle’s ambient lighting and sound system. For example, warm light and soft music can accompany a relaxing massage.

You can find out more information about the new Mercedes MBUX Virtual Assistant over at Mercedes Benz at the link below, it certainly looks interesting from the photos.

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