There aren’t many smartphone vendors out there who haven’t tried their hand at making a foldable smartphone by now. Apple is easily the most prominent of them. But if reports about Apple’s plans for foldable devices are accurate, Apple won’t launch a foldable iPhone anytime soon.

If anything, Apple could launch a foldable iPad/Mac device before the foldable iPhone comes along. Several rumors have hinted at this in the past few years. And now, there’s a brand new story claiming a similar roadmap for Apple’s plans for foldable devices. A 20.3-inch foldable iPad could launch in late 2025, followed by a foldable iPhone in late 2026.

The new claims come from Haitong International Securities analyst Jeff Pu, via 9to5Mac. While the analyst doesn’t provide many specifics about either foldable Apple product, he says Apple has “accelerated” work on the two devices. That is, there’s “increased visibility” of Apple’s foldable devices based on supply chain information.

Previous rumors about foldable Apple products also relied on supply chain information. Insiders like Ming-Chi Kup and Ross Young have both mentioned the same 20.3-inch display size for a foldable gadget that would offer iPad and Mac experiences. The latter detail isn’t confirmed, but I’ve long speculated about it.


Apple’s foldable tablet/laptop would have to make the best of both worlds. It has to feature a touchscreen display and offer a good software experience for productivity cases. I’m looking forward to seeing iPadOS get closer to macOS when it comes to multitasking. It’s only in such a case that I’d even consider replacing my Mac with an iPad for work.

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