Leaker claims that the iPhone SE 4 will resemble the iPhone 13, at least from the front

All of the specs of the iPhone SE 4 may have just been leaked

A leak that is chiefly rounding up previous rumors about the iPhone SE 4 has added that it will have AI-based camera features, and contrary to expectations, will resemble the iPhone 13 more than the iPhone 14.

There are now so many rumors about the iPhone SE 4, such as renders, that it sounds as if it must be coming soon, instead of in early 2025 as most recently claimed. Now a new leaker, with no Apple-related track record, is claiming to have all the specifications for it.

iPhone SE 4 rumored specifications:
– Size and weight: 148.5 x 71.2 x 7.8mm, 166g
– Appearance: 7000 series aluminium alloy, right-angled frame, front and rear glass (no Ceramic Shield). Front looks like iPhone 13, with Face ID support; back looks like Xr, with one camera.

— Nguyen Phi Hung (@negativeonehero) April 7, 2024

Perhaps most notably, leaker Nguyen Phi Hung goes on to say that the camera will feature “AI photography.” There is already so much Machine Learning-based processing done on photos by the iPhone that it’s possible this is just a reference to that, rather than some new AI feature.

The leaker also claims that unlike at least many previous rumors, the iPhone SE 4 will resemble the iPhone 13 rather than the iPhone 14. It’s not an especially significant difference, though, as both models came before Apple moved the Face ID notch to the Dynamic Island.

So the front will have a Face ID notch. The rear, according to this new roundup leak, will more resemble the iPhone XR with its single camera.

The leaker also says that the camera will not support night mode, but will support 1080p cinematic mode. Previously, cinematic mode has required the use of at least two cameras, so it’s not clear how it will be done here.

Backing up the impression that this is less a new source and more a roundup of previous rumors, the leaker repeats that the screen is expected to be a 6.1-inch model. It also claims that this will be an OLED screen, marking the first time this technology has been used in the iPhone SE.

Also new, but perhaps crossing into wishful thinking, is the claim that the iPhone SE 4 will include 6GB RAM, as compared to the 4GB of previous models.

The processor is said to be Apple’s A16 Bionic, which was introduced with the iPhone 14 Pro. If this is correct, it means two years after the iPhone SE 3 was released, this next model is getting a processor that is only one year newer.

Leaker Nguyen Phi Hung does not comment on the expected price of the iPhone SE 4, nor on when it will be announced. The most common rumors for release puts shipments for the device happening in 2025.

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