Samsung reportedly expects Apple to introduce a foldable tablet in 2024

Apple is ramping up its work on foldable devices, according to a new investor note seen by 9to5Mac. The report, from Haitong International Securities analyst Jeff Pu, says that Apple will begin mass production of a 20.3-inch foldable device in late 2025, followed by a foldable iPhone in late 2026.

Ming-Chi Kuo previously reported that Apple was working on a 20.3-inch foldable MacBook, targeting a release sometime in 2027. Ross Young also reported on Apple’s development of a 20-inch foldable hybrid device, set for a 2026 or 2027 release. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman has also said that Apple is “exploring a dual-screen, foldable MacBook/iPad hybrid.”

If today’s report from Pu is to be believed, Apple has “accelerated” its work on foldable devices. The report says that there is “increasing visibility” of Apple’s foldable devices based on supply chain checks.

Pu says that Apple’s foldable would represent a “new line-up for Apple” targeting the “ultra- high-end market.” Apple is reportedly exploring two screen sizes for a foldable iPhone: 7.9-inches and 8.3-inches.

Again, the reported 20.3-inch “foldable device” will allegedly start mass production in late 2025. The foldable iPhone would then follow in late 2026.

9to5Mac’s Take

This is an incredibly aggressive timeline that hasn’t yet been corroborated by other sources. I’d treat this one with some skepticism for now. Still, it’s fun to imagine what a world in which Apple makes foldables might look like.

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Apple allegedly planning foldable 20.3-inch hybrid for 2025, foldable iPhone in 2026 – 9to5Mac

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