Macs are among the most popular premium products from Apple. Some fans were expecting the future Macs to have the support for touchscreen displays. That’s probably not going to happen anytime soon, though. An official from the brand shed light on the touchscreen Mac topic in an interview.

Apple has no plans to launch a touchscreen Mac

Apple’s marketing executive, Tom Boger, recently had a detailed interview session with The Wall Street Journal. The session actively explored two main areas: how iPads compare to Macs and the brand’s future goals. An important topic during the session was touchscreen Macs, with Boger explaining why implementing a touchscreen on a Mac doesn’t make sense.

Boger, who is in charge of iPad and Mac marketing at Apple, explained in the interview that the company views iPad and Mac as complementary devices rather than competitors. Boger argues that the iPad prioritizes touch input, while the Mac prioritizes the use of a mouse or trackpad for indirect manipulation.

His official statement reads “We don’t see them as competing devices. We see them as complementary devices,” Tom Boger, Apple’s vice president of iPad and Mac product marketing, told me in an interview. The iPad, he said, “has always been a touch-first device” while the Mac is for “indirect manipulation” — aka using a keyboard, mouse, and/or trackpad.

No touchscreen Mac because of Apple’s iPads?

Boger firmly countered the interviewer’s question about a touchscreen Mac by repeatedly stating,iPads are designed for touchscreen input, Macs are not.” This brings us to a very evident conclusion that Apple seems to be having no plans for releasing the touchscreen Mac.

The brand believes that creating a Mac with a touchscreen display is redundant since the iPad serves the same purpose, and introducing such a product would only undermine the purpose of Macs.

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