Smart home technology from Apple is getting better, and instead of the regular speakers for the tabletop, the company was leaked allegedly planning to debut a next-gen HomePod with a touchscreen LCD on top. This latest development shown by the leaker offers a better look at this new HomePod prototype, offering the third-generation display instead of having the gesture-based light-up controls above.

It is widely known that Apple is part of the Matter initiative for smart homes, and through this new feature, it will get wider capabilities than before.

Apple HomePod with LCD Prototype Leak: A New Look

Next-Gen HomePod

(Photo : Kosutami via X)

The HomePod is getting a next-gen version with an LCD touchscreen display above it, with the leaker called Kosutami revealing it before.

However, in their latest update, it provides a more in-depth look for the upcoming device from Cupertino, centering on the same size and panel as the second-gen HomePOd.

Kosutami regarded that this new display on top of the smart speaker will offer a curved screen, with Apple offering a screen panel on top of it, and the glass is convex.

The leaker claimed that this is now referred to by Apple as the B720, but is not yet calling it the third-generation HomePod.

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And screen panel and glass were convex

— Kosutami (@KosutamiSan) December 27, 2023

Next-Gen HomePod with Touchscreen LCD

One of the main features of the next-gen HomePod will be the touchscreen LCD, and this opens up more for users to experience with the device, and not only a Bluetooth or voice-activated smart home speaker. It remains unknown if Apple would provide it with its operating system, especially as it may offer a user interface (UI) where the commands and other features will be available.

Apple’s Smart Home with Matter

The renowned interoperable system that was designed to empower the smart home is a massive common ground for rivaling tech companies in the world, with the goal of improving the experiences with technology. This included the likes of Amazon, Apple, Google, Samsung, IKEA, Philips, and more joining together to integrate their devices for the upgraded smart home experience.

While other companies already have dedicated smart home tech available, Apple only has a few, and it leverages the HomePod series to be part of this initiative at first.

However, there are other plans, as claimed by insiders, centering on changing the iPad into a HomeKit, similar to the Google Nest series, offering a smart display for the home.

With Apple’s cooperation with the Matter initiative, and the many devices from other companies already here, speculations on Apple’s take are growing wild. This leak behind Apple’s prototype for the next-gen HomePod unveils more of its plans to integrate a touchscreen LCD atop the device, having the same looks and size as the second generation, for a more integrated experience.

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Apple HomePod with LCD Display Leaks, Here’s What it Will Bring

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