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While Apple’s latest best MacBook, the M3 MacBook Air is barely fresh out of the oven, and Apple’s M3 line of chips is but a few months old, all eyes are firmly on what Apple has in store next for its computing lineup. Now, we’ve just got our clearest look yet at Apple’s future plans for Mac. 

In his latest Power On newsletter, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman has revealed that Apple is planning “an accelerated Mac makeover” focused on the new M4 chips that will see every single Mac product moved onto the latest generation chip for the first time. 

The chips, which will include a big focus on on-device artificial intelligence, are dubbed Donan (for the M4), Brava (the M4 Pro and M4 Max), and Hidra, an M4 Ultra chip. 


M4 iMacs could arrive as early as this year (Image credit: Apple)

The next wave of Macs

With the caveat that release dates can shift, Gurman predicts a low-end 14-inch MacBook Pro could debut at the end of this year with the M4 chip, around the same time as a 24-inch M4 iMac.

These could be followed in late 2024 or early 2025 by the release of MacBook Pros with M4 Pro/Max options in 14 and 16-inch variants, alongside M4 and M4 Pro Mac Minis.

Spring 2025 would see the arrival of M4 MacBook Airs in 13 and 15-inch versions, which would mean they debut roughly a year after this year’s M3 models, and a Mac Studio with a “high-end M4 chip” would arrive closer to the middle of next year.

As for the Mac Pro? You could be waiting until the second half of next year, but it’ll reportedly come packing the M4 Ultra.

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