Apple is set to release the initial beta version of iOS 17.5 for the iPhone and two modifications are anticipated to come with the forthcoming software update. iOS 17.5 is expected to enable iPhone users in the EU to directly download apps from the websites of approved developers. Additionally, the update may introduce modifications to the functionality of Apple ID recovery contacts, reports MacRumors.

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iOS 17.5 beta 1 dostępna! — (@onetechpl) April 1, 2024

Apple has recently revealed that developers who meet the criteria will have the opportunity to distribute their iOS applications to European users through their own websites.

The tech giant stated that this innovative “Web Distribution” capability is set to launch sometime “later this spring” alongside an imminent software update for the iPhone, likely pertaining to iOS 17.5.

The distribution of “Web Distribution” will have restrictions and will only be available to prominent developers located in the European Union. In order to be eligible for this distribution method, Apple has set certain criteria.

The developer must have been a member of the Apple Developer Program for a minimum of two consecutive years and their app should have received over one million annual installations on iOS in the EU during the previous calendar year. This new distribution method, “Web Distribution,” expands upon the existing alternative app marketplaces that Apple permits on the iPhone in the EU, starting from iOS 17.4.

These modifications to app distribution align with the regulations outlined in the EU’s Digital Markets Act.

According to renowned tipster Nicolás Álvarez, iOS 17.5 might incorporate certain modifications to Apple ID recovery contacts. Nevertheless, no specific information was disclosed by him, and he mentioned the possibility that these alterations may not be apparent to users.

iOS 17.5 Release Date: Major iPhone Update Could Debut Any Minute Now — Forbes (@Forbes) April 2, 2024

It is anticipated that iOS 17.5 will be available to the public by the end of May. Mark Gurman from Bloomberg mentioned in a recent social media post that Apple is expected to complete the internal development of the initial beta version of iOS 17.5 this week. Nevertheless, it remains uncertain whether the first beta will be launched this week or at a later date.

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