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For years it’s been widely accepted that, even if you use an Android phone, Android tablets are just largely not worth it. But that’s been changing a bit in recent years and, now, a new report shows Android tablets continuing to grow, right in time for Apple to launch new iPad.

A new report from the IDC this week details that Apple is actively losing market share to Android tablets. Between Q1 2023 and Q1 2024 the iPad dropped from 35.2% of the market to 32%, a dip of approximately one million shipments when comparing the two quarters.

Meanwhile, Android tablet makers grew.

Huawei, Lenovo, and especially Xiaomi saw huge boosts to their shipments of Android tablets in Q1 2023, now making up 9.4%, 7%, and 5.9% respectively of the global tablet market. Samsung, meanwhile, actually saw a minor dip during the same time period, from 23.2% to 21.7%.

Given that the global tablet market is reasonably stagnant in terms of growth – merely 200,000 more units were shipped in Q1 2024 versus the year prior – it’s especially notable that more shipments are going on in the Android side.

Apple is losing market share to Android tablets ahead of new iPads

That said, this comes just a day prior to Apple revealing new iPads. The company’s “Let Loose” event is expected to debut multiple new iPad models, a new “Apple Pencil Pro,” and more. It’s unclear if that might reverse the trend we’re seeing right now, though.

In the Android tablet space, upcoming releases are expected to include a Pixel Tablet sold without a dock, as well as a sequel to the OnePlus Pad.

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