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Apple Says Vision Pro Performance Could Be Reduced in Some Situations

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Like the iPhone, the Vision Pro has an always-on battery management system that could lead to reduced performance in certain situations, according to Apple.

apple vision pro chips
In a support document published today, Apple said Vision Pro users could notice impacts such as longer app launch times, lower frame rates, reduced wireless speeds, screen dimming, or lower speaker volume in situations where the Vision Pro is low on battery, has a chemically aged battery, or is in a peak-power state.

Apple’s full explanation:

Apple Vision Pro has built-in software and hardware systems that help reduce performance impacts that may be noticed in certain conditions such as a battery with a low state of charge, a high peak power situation, or a chemically aged battery. The system is automatic, always-on, and works to provide the best possible performance. Power needs are dynamically monitored, and performance is managed to address these needs in real time. The system allows Apple Vision Pro to balance and reduce performance impacts as much as possible. The user may or may not notice effects on device, which may be temporary. Depending on the device battery state and the tasks that your Apple Vision Pro is handling, some examples of these effects may include longer app launch times, lower frame rates, reduced wireless data throughput, screen dimming, or lower speaker volume.

Apple introduced a similar system on older iPhone models back in 2017, but it failed to mention the system in its iOS release notes at the time, leading to a major controversy. Apple eventually agreed to pay up to $500 million to settle a class action lawsuit that accused the company of “secretly throttling” some iPhone models.

Nowadays, the system is considered by many to be a helpful feature that ensures smooth performance and prevents unexpected shutdowns.

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Apple Says Vision Pro Performance Could Be Reduced in Some Situations

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