visionOS 2.0 and Mac monitors

Apple Vision Pro is coming to eight more countries very soon

Users of the Apple Vision Pro will be able expand the usability of almost every aspect of their device with huge updates coming to visionOS 2.0.

Apple released VisionOS in February of this year, and today, it announced updates that it says will cover productivity, collaboration, and entertainment.

Apple showed off some of the apps available for VisionOS, which now has over 2000 apps. These apps include games, immersive experiences, educational tools, and entertainment. The lack of content for Apple Vision Pro was one of the original concerns about the platform, but developers have jumped onto the platform in droves.

Many of the most recognized apps are available for Apple Vision Pro, including Slack, Webex, Zoom, and the suite of apps in Microsoft 365.

Able to pair with a Bluetooth keyboard and accessories like Magic Keyboard and Magic Trackpad will make visionOS 2 easier to use.

With visionOS 2, Apple says new ways to connect and work together are coming to the platform.

Photos on VisionOS 2 will enhance their use beyond spatial photos. Apple says the new version of Photos for visionOS uses machine learning to transform 2D images into 3D images with the click of a button. Any photo in a library, from portraits to panoramas, can be converted to a simulated spatial photo.

SharePlay in the Photos app will allow users to share photos with other Apple Vision Pro users for multi-person

New gestures allow users to twist their hands to quickly access new features like the Mac Virtual Display, settings, and control interfaces. Hand gestures will allow access to the Home View, Travel Mode, and Guest User. Apple says these gestures will support apps like Mindfulness, Safari, Apple TV, and more.

Mac Virtual Display will be updated to a larger wraparound interface, and multiple monitors will even be added to the Mac virtual display environment.

Apple’s APIs for visionOS 1.0 have allowed developers to quickly create new apps for XR and AR or port their existing traditional apps. VisionOS 2.0 will enhance developer powers with new APIs. TabletopKit will allow developers to make games and other apps connected to a surface like a table without having to write the code to map out these surfaces.

A new Enterprise API will let companies create specialized apps for employee training, quality assurance, and step-by-step task guidance.

Turning to spatial video, Apple announced new commercial workflows, and Canon will release a special lens to capture spatial video from affordable mirrorless cameras. The ability for creators to use a traditional camera instead of the Apple Vision Pro will greatly simplify a creator’s ability to create spatial video.

Apple will release the new version of VisionOS this fall, along with the newly announced versions of macOS, iOS 18, iPadOS 18, and tvOS 18.

Apple has said that the Apple Vision Pro is the most significant product introduced in decades. While the iPhone and the iPad moved computing from the desktop to the palm of your hand, Apple has said that Apple Vision Pro represents the future of computing.

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