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A group of programmers have been working non-stop for the last month to get Apple Vision Pro working on Steam VR — but you’ll have to jump through some expensive hoops before you can experience it.

ALVR is an open-source software that allows users to stream PC VR games from a PC to a VR headset. It is often used with wireless headsets like the Meta Quest 3 for a much smoother cable-free play session, but recent advancements suggest an Apple Vision Pro program could be on the way soon. 

According to the GitHub project, it has seen 139 commits in the last month from 8 contributors. If you have a lot of technical knowledge, you could opt to check out the code for yourself but, for now, you are better off waiting until a stable release is announced. However, as it is a program to stream VR games, you need a good gaming PC to run them in the first place and current M3 MacBook Pros can’t run Steam VR. You will also have to own a Mac with Xcode to get the program on Apple’s headset in the first place, which is quite a bit of setup. 

A controller problem — iMore’s take

I think I’m basically wrapped up with the hand tracking controller emulation, everything looks correct. It’s all gesture based so it’s fiddly, but the bonus is that we also get elbow tracking for free even if other controllers are used. 28, 2024

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Once you have a good gaming PC and Apple Vision Pro, you might be able to finally run ALVR. Developer @ShinyQuaqsire has shown off impressive but “fiddly” hand-tracking support over on X. As it uses gestures to control menus and options, it can take a while to register, and latency problems mean that a traditional controller is a much better choice. Unfortunately, support isn’t there for Meta Quest controllers so the only way to get physical inputs is by using Valve Index’s controllers. 

This means that, to get the best experience of Steam VR on Apple Vision Pro, you need a good gaming PC (which could cost anywhere from $600 up to a few thousand dollars), Valve Index controllers (at $279), and Valve Index Base Stations, which cost $149 each. As of right now, this project is incredibly impressive but also very limited. Given you can plug a Meta Quest 2 straight into a PC with a USB-C cable for $249 (less than the price of the Valve Index controllers alone) and get a great experience, this is probably the best choice for most. 

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