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Fresh off a weekend of Apple Vision Pro pre-orders, one top analyst estimates that the company may have sold as many as 180,000 units, equating to more than $630 million in revenue.

Pre-orders for Apple Vision Pro went live on Friday (January 19) to much fanfare. Despite the incredibly high price tag and niche appeal, there was plenty of internet hype and social media channels were awash with happy customers who’d successfully bagged one.

Apple insider and analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, writing on Medium, estimates that Apple “sold 160,000 to 180,000 Vision Pro units during the first pre-order weekend, based on the pre-order inventory and shipping time.” As it stands, all three Vision Pro storage configurations have a lead time of five to six weeks, shipping in early March, although there is some availability for in-store pickup on launch weekend.

 Apple Vision Pro launch success 

Kuo’s aforementioned pre-order inventory calculation was reportedly around 60-80,000 Vision Pro units available at launch, which he says brings us to a pre-order estimate of 160,000 – 180,000. Even the more conservative figure would put weekend Vision Pro sales at over half a billion dollars. By way of comparison, Apple reportedly sold around 270,000 original iPhone units in its first two days, and a million units of its follow-up iPhone 3G. 

Generally, the Vision Pro pre-order process appears to have run quite smoothly, with the Apple Store coming back online a 8 am ET sharp on Friday, and no known reports of checkout hiccups, payment issues, or any other difficulties. 

Vision Pro pre-orders brought several revelations about the product, including the price of AppleCare Plus for Vision Pro, Apple Vision Pro’s weight, and details about how to buy an Apple Vision Pro with financing. Apple also revealed the three storage configurations the headset comes in, as well as restrictions around using Apple Vision Pro abroad or if you don’t have a U.S. Apple ID and want to import Vision Pro. 

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Apple Vision Pro might have made $600 million in one weekend — top analyst says pre-orders could have topped 180,000 units

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