2nd-gen Vision Pro | Apple promo shot of Tim Cook with 1st-gen models

While Apple Vision Pro is set to debut in the United States on February 2, Apple hasn’t shared details about international availability just yet. In a new report published on Tuesday, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says the wait might not be too long for those international buyers…

“Apple is likely to release Vision Pro outside the U.S. market before WWDC 2024,” Kuo reports. He attributes this to a few different factors.

  1. “Apple plans to share more development details about visionOS with global developers at WWDC 2024. If Apple can launch Vision Pro in non-U.S. markets before WWDC 2024, it would be beneficial for promoting the global development ecosystem of visionOS.”
  2. “The reasons why Apple hasn’t released Vision Pro in non-U.S. markets yet include 1) the limited initial supply of Vision Pro, 2) first ensuring that the sales process in the U.S. market goes smoothly, and 3) the time needed to modify the algorithms to comply with regulations in other countries.”

Beyond the initial supply constraints, there are a lot of other logistical speedbumps for Apple in its efforts to bring Vision Pro internationally. For instance, the process around prescription lenses varies from country to country. Apple retail stores also play a huge role in the buying process for Vision Pro, and it takes time for Apple to properly train its retail employees.

Still, if Kuo is to be believed, Vision Pro will likely launch in at least some countries outside of the United States before June.

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Apple Vision Pro set to launch outside of the US before WWDC, Kuo says – 9to5Mac

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