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An obscure report from an online outlet claims that Apple’s hotly-anticipated Vision Pro headset will be launched on January 27, 2024. 

The news comes from, as spotted by MacRumors, which states (translated) “Apple Vision Pro is expected to be launched in the United States on January 27, 2024] Wall Street Insights exclusively learned from the supply chain that Apple Vision Pro, which has attracted much attention from global technology users and industries, is expected to be launched in the United States on January 27 of the new year.”

The outlet is the first to commit to a date when it comes to a Vision Pro release rumor, but it’s worth noting that there are a couple of issues. Firstly, the site has no prior track record of accurately reporting information about Apple and is unheard of in the industry in this regard. While that doesn’t preclude this information from being true, Apple releasing a product on a Saturday would be a rare thing indeed. 

As noted by Mark Gurman in response to this story, Apple released its original iPad on a Saturday and said “Jan 26 is indeed the date floating around the last few days among people in China who claim to be connected to Apple,” adding that units “will be ready by end of January with a retail launch by February.”

Apple Vision Pro release date 

Apple normally makes product announcements during the week, often favoring Tuesday or Wednesday for flagship products like its best iPhone, the iPhone 15. Mondays and Fridays are rarer, while Saturdays are practically unheard of. However, Apple has, of course, already unveiled and announced Apple Vision Pro, and simply needs to give us a date as to when it will be available to buy in-store. 

We’ve heard previously that Apple is currently gearing up for a very strong in-store push for its Vision Pro launch, with the company emphasizing a hands-on approach that will see users taken through a complex setup process and a headset fitting, neither of which is conducive to an online order. That information comes courtesy of Mark Gurman at Bloomberg, who has also reported that Apple was previously targeting a January launch for Apple Vision Pro. The company has publicly confirmed the headset will be released in “early 2024.”

Most recently, popular insider Ming-Chi Kuo stated Apple Vision Pro will begin shipments soon, and “most likely hit the store shelves in late January or early February.” 

Given several reports of a January launch, and an in-store focus on the launch, it’s possible Apple might choose Saturday, traditionally the busiest day of the retail week with the highest staff headcount, to welcome prospective buyers and triers through its doors. 

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Apple Vision Pro tipped for launch on January 27 — obscure outlet says it has exclusive supply chain info, but are they right?

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