WWDC will see enhancements rather than an overhaul to visionOS

Apple Vision Pro will get a polish, not an overhaul at WWDC

The forthcoming visionOS 2.0 for Apple Vision Pro at WWDC will not be as significant an update as expected, but will address issues and bring new environments.

Apple has been testing visionOS 2.0 since at least January 2024, but a new report suggests that its version number won’t bring the changes that a whole number update implies. It will, though, offer more than the minor updates that the latest visionOS 1.2 has seen.

According to Bloomberg, visionOS 2 — codenamed Constellation — is chiefly concerned with making the Apple Vision Pro software smoother and more polished. There won’t be dramatically new features or revisions to existing ones.

However, it is still expected that the new Apple Passwords app will come to the headset. So should more visionOS native versions of iPad apps.

It’s also expected that Apple will launch new immersive environments for Apple Vision Pro.

Apple will unveil visionOS 2.0 for Apple Vision Pro during its keynote video at the start of this year’s WWDC on June 10, 2024.

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