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As we get closer to the launch of Apple Vision Pro on February 2, its box has been revealed thanks to an Apple employee training video — and it’s one of the biggest boxes from the company in recent years.

This video, seen by MacRumors, allegedly details how the box opens similar to Mac and iPhone boxes, by sliding off the top. It also reveals just how huge this box is — it’s allegedly bigger than a Mac Studio box.

That might sound like overkill, but let’s not forget that Vision Pro comes packaged with:

  • Solo Knit Band
  • Dual Loop Band
  • Light Seal with two Light Seal Cushions
  • Polishing Cloth
  • External Battery
  • USB-C Charging Cable and Power Adapter

It’s no surprise that the headset comes in a huge box, but MacRumors also noticed that there’s no handle attached. This means you can’t pick it up like you can with an iMac box — thankfully, if you buy one from an Apple store, it’ll come in a commemorative shopping bag, just like the original iPhone.

Let’s not forget the environmental aspect of Vision Pro’s box — iMore’s take

Here’s your first look at Apple Vision Pro’s box. It’s huge. 22, 2024

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Granted, it’s a big box, but Apple has made sure to mention how Vision Pro has been designed to reduce its footprint on the environment — and that includes the packaging.

Scrolling down to the bottom of the headset’s Tech Specs page on Apple’s site, a section specifically states the packaging is made of “100% fiber-based materials” and “100% of virgin wood fiber from responsibly managed forests.”

But it doesn’t stop there for Vision Pro — Apple goes into impressive detail about how parts of the headset are made from recycled aluminum, tin, gold plating, and more. These efforts only reinforce Apple’s efforts about how it’s aiming to be carbon-neutral by 2030 — which is why the size of the headset’s box shouldn’t be greeted with shock.

In the past, you’ve likely bought something that has been boxed with countless polystyrene materials, and it’s not only a hassle, it’s not environmentally friendly — this is very slow to degrade over time, and only ends up in landfill.

So while Vision Pro’s box is huge and handle-free, it’s likely that it’s far friendlier for the environment compared to other products.

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Apple Vision Pro’s box has been revealed — and it’s absolutely enormous

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