Apple visionOS 2 spatial computing OS

Apple has unveiled visionOS 2, a new update to its Apple Vision Pro spatial computing headset capable of supporting both augmented reality and virtual reality. Adding a host of new features and enhancements that promise to elevate the spatial computing experience. This update introduces the ability to create spatial photos, new intuitive hand gestures, and a range of productivity tools, making it easier for users and developers to harness the power of spatial computing.

Apple visionOS 2 Update :

  • visionOS 2 introduces spatial photos, transforming 2D images into immersive experiences.
  • New hand gestures provide quick access to frequently used features.
  • Enhanced productivity tools include a larger Mac Virtual Display and mouse support.
  • Developers gain new APIs and frameworks for creating volumetric and shareable apps.
  • HealthKit integration allows for innovative health and fitness experiences.
  • Apple Immersive Video offers 3D 8K video with a 180-degree field of view and Spatial Audio.

Create and Relive Stunning Spatial Memories

One of the standout features of visionOS 2 is the ability to create spatial photos. This feature uses advanced machine learning to transform 2D images into stunning spatial photos, bringing incredible depth and realism to favorite moments. Users can share these spatial photos with loved ones or use SharePlay in the Photos app to enjoy panoramas and spatial videos together, creating a sense of being in the same physical space.

Apple visionOS 2 Apple Vision Pro

New Hand Gestures and Productivity Features

visionOS 2 enhances the user experience with new hand gestures that make navigating the Apple Vision Pro faster and more intuitive. These gestures allow users to access key functions like Home View and Control Center quickly. Additionally, new gestures provide at-a-glance information such as the current time and battery level, and enable actions like adjusting the volume.

Productivity tools also receive a significant boost with visionOS 2. The Mac Virtual Display now features a higher resolution and larger size, equivalent to two 4K monitors side by side. Mouse support is added for more workflow options, and the Vision Pro can now reveal the user’s physical Magic Keyboard, even when fully immersed in an Environment or app.

Powerful Tools for Developers and Creators

Developers are set to benefit immensely from visionOS 2, which includes new APIs and frameworks that make it easier to create volumetric and shareable app experiences. HealthKit integration allows developers to create innovative health and fitness apps that take advantage of the infinite canvas in visionOS. New tools like TabletopKit enable developers to build shared and collaborative app experiences, such as board games or manufacturing workstations.

Apple Immersive Video

Apple Immersive Video is another exciting addition, offering 3D 8K video with a 180-degree field of view and Spatial Audio. This format transports viewers to the center of the action, providing an ultra-immersive storytelling experience. The Apple TV app will feature a growing slate of Apple Immersive films and series, including “Adventure from Apple TV+” and “Alicia Keys: Rehearsal Room.”

Apple Vision Pro visionOS 2 operating system

The developer preview of visionOS 2 is available to Apple Developer Program members starting today. For more information, visit Features are subject to change, and some may not be available in all regions or languages. Compatible hardware and software may be required for certain features.

Additional Features

visionOS 2 also brings a range of additional features designed to enhance the user experience:

  • Safari now allows users to watch videos in an Environment, including on popular sites like YouTube, Netflix, and Amazon.
  • The Apple TV app supports multiview, enabling fans to watch up to five simultaneous streams.
  • The Mindfulness app includes a new “Follow Your Breathing” feature with dynamic visual animations and sounds.
  • Systemwide Live Captions help users follow along with spoken dialogue in live conversations and app audio.
  • AirPlay support allows users to view content on their Vision Pro from their iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

For those interested in exploring more about spatial computing, other areas such as augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) might also be of interest. These technologies are rapidly evolving and offer exciting possibilities for both personal and professional use.

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