After an interesting Apple Watch Series 9 release, Cupertino is said to be readying a significant Apple Watch Series 10 upgrade. While we have already reported on some of the expected features for this upcoming smartwatch, a new rumor says Apple is preparing to include a blood pressure checker for the first time ever.

In his Power On newsletter, Bloomberg‘s Mark Gurman says, “All signs point to the new Apple Watch gaining a blood pressure checker this fall.” Still, there’s some bad news for current Apple Watch users. Gurman writes: “It doesn’t appear that the capability will be coming to current models.”

This is not the first time Gurman has reported on this blood pressure checker. Previously, he wrote that Apple wants to add this sensor in phases. That said, in the first iteration, it will just tell a user if their blood pressure is trending upward and offer a journal for the user to note what he was doing when hypertension occurred.

At all times, this function will tell users to talk to a doctor or check their blood pressure with a traditional cuff, Bloomberg report. On the other hand, a future version of the system will be able to provide exact numbers and even diagnose related conditions, but it remains “far off.”


With a new double tap gesture, users can easily control Apple Watch Series 9 using just one hand and without touching the display. Double tap controls the primary button in an app so it can be used to answer a phone call, stop a timer, play and pause music, or snooze an alarm.Image source: Apple

It’s also possible that sleep apnea detection is coming with Apple Watch Series 10. Also, according to Gurman, the sleep apnea detector would use sleep and breathing patterns to estimate whether someone has the condition and then direct users to see a physician.

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