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Today hot on the heels of a Ming-Chi Kuo report about the rumored foldable-display MacBook set for 2026, analyst Ross Young has followed up with a report of his own.

In a post on X for subscribers, Young shared that Apple has decided to go with a slightly smaller display size than originally planned. The MacBook’s foldable display is now expected to measure 18.76 inches, down from the original 20.25-inch model.

Screen size for all-display MacBook

In Ming-Chi Kuo’s report earlier today, he expressed that Apple was considering shifting from its initial plan of a roughly 20-inch display to instead go with a smaller 18.8-inch version.

Ross Young, whose expertise is in displays and who thus consistently produces reliable display-focused reporting, has confirmed Kuo’s hedge as a matter that’s already been decided by Apple. The futuristic all-screen MacBook will have an 18.76-inch display, or 18.8 inches when rounded.

This would give the new MacBook, per Kuo’s earlier report, an overall body that is more similar to the 13-inch MacBook Air, whereas the larger 20-inch display might have pushed it closer to the 15-inch model.

9to5Mac’s Take

I’m not sold on the prospect of an all-display MacBook, at least as the Mac exists today. Not only would macOS need to gain touch support before this product’s rumored 2026 launch, but Apple would also need to provide a compelling replacement for a physical keyboard and trackpad before long-time Mac users get excited about such a premium product.

Is Apple capable of building an all-screen Mac that would get you excited about the product? Is the lack of physical keyboard and trackpad a dealbreaker? Let us know in the comments.

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