Published Feb 2nd, 2024 9:26AM EST

Siri on the Vision Pro headset. Apple GPT

After Apple reported its first quarter earnings call, the company’s CEO Tim Cook hinted at generative AI features coming for the iPhone with iOS 18, as Cupertino needs to regain momentum after all major tech players announced improvements in this field. At the earnings call, Cook said:

In terms of generative AI, which, I’d guess, is your focus, we have a lot of work going on internally as I’ve alluded to before.

Our MO, if you will, has always been to do work and then talk about work and not to get out in front of ourselves. And so, we’re going to hold that to this as well. But we’ve got some things that we are incredibly excited about that we’ll be talking about later this year.

Still, Tim Cook’s words weren’t enough to convince Haitong Securities analyst Jeff Pu. According to him, AAPL share is overvalued as he believes investors should be cautious about the iPhone 15 cycle, AirPods, Mac, and Apple Watch, in addition to the “potentially muted iPhone 16.”

Even though generative AI will start to take shape later this year with the iPhone, he expects it to be limited with some AI-related hardware upgrades for the iPhone 16 with the A18 and A18 Pro chips. “We expect a better-functioned Gen AI to be in 2025, likely with iPhone 17, a time to lift Apple’s product/service businesses.”

With that, we’ll see the first steps into Apple’s generative AI with iOS 18 and the iPhone 16. Still, the real features will take longer as Cupertino will wait for the iPhone 17 (and, ultimately, iOS 19) to unlock its true potential.


Previously, Bloomberg‘s Mark Gurman hinted at some of the potential generative AI features expected for iOS 18, including:

  • Auto-summarizing and auto-complete features for core apps and productivity software (Pages, Keynote)
  • Better playlist creation in Apple Music
  • Siri (a big overall overhaul with a focus on AI)
  • Code completion in a new version of Xcode for developers
  • AppleCare tools to assist employees in helping customers with troubleshooting

BGR will keep following Apple’s efforts on this matter.

Apple’s most exciting AI iPhone features reportedly won’t be available until 2025

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Apple’s most exciting AI iPhone features reportedly won’t be available until 2025

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