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Prolific Apple prototype collector Kosutami (@KosutamiSan) is sharing more information about a HomePod prototype the company showed off earlier this year. The most notable part of the HomePod prototype is the fact that it has an LCD display, which is a big upgrade from the simple LEDs the current model uses to convey information to users.

Posting on their X (formerly Twitter) account, the Apple collector went into some more details regarding the prototype. While it looks nearly identical to the currently available version, the portion at the top of the device will house the LCD display. Kosutami notes that the display is “a bit curved” instead of flat.

homepod prototype lcd body

According to Kosutami the model number given to the HomePod prototype is B720. They seem to have a good impression of the new design, stating that it “looks great after got assembled.” It’s not ideal to have a prototype roaming out in the wild, but it must at least be a little bit of a boost for the team at Apple working on this design to get a thumbs up from a notable collector.

The HomePod isn’t a massive success in the same way other Apple products are, so it makes sense the company is exploring different designs to try and move the needle. However, it’s difficult to tell how an LCD display placed on the location seen on the prototype will add to the HomePod experience. A user looking to glean information has to stand right above it to get any information, making it less useful than something a user can quickly glance at. Time will tell if this prototype makes it to production.

Apple’s Next-Gen HomePod Gets Ready To Jam With An LCD Display Upgrade

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