Apple’s annual developers conference, WWDC, will take place from June 10 through June 14. Among all the announcements Apple is about to make at that event, everyone is excited about the new changes that are coming to Siri. As per The New York Times, Apple is about to completely revamp Siri, and the new update will have generative AI functionalities.

Generative AI is finally coming to Siri

Currently, if you use Siri, you’ll notice that it can only perform certain types of operations. You will also notice that it often fails to have a conversation. But with the upcoming generative AI upgrade, Siri could become better at handling complex tasks and more conversational.

The decision to bring generative AI powers to Siri was taken after Apple’s executives, Craig Federighi and John Giannandrea, found that Siri appeared old-fashioned compared to ChatGPT. In comparison to Siri, which could only respond to simple requests, ChatGPT was able to answer the most complex questions.

The upcoming Siri will be able to perform a variety of tasks that ChatGPT can do, and in some areas, you can expect it to potentially offer even better results. You will be able to use it for summarizing incoming messages and notifications, setting timers, reminders, and much more.

Will your Apple device be able to handle the new Siri?

While Apple is all set to add generative AI to Siri, the big question is whether your Apple device will be compatible with the new version. Apple has plans to release the new Siri with iOS 18, which will be compatible with some older iPhone models like the iPhone XR and iPhone 11.

However, it may be difficult for these iPhones to run the new Siri smoothly, as it will likely require a very powerful chipset. This suggests Apple might limit the new Siri to the latest iPhone models. We recently reported that the upcoming iPhone 16 models will have more RAM to better support Siri and other upcoming AI features.

Everything will become clearer as we get closer to the WWDC event. Also, you can expect more speculation and leaks about upcoming Apple features in the lead-up to the event.

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