Beeper says its desktop and iOS apps will get redesigns similar to Android app

After three years in closed testing, Beeper is now available to everyone and, with it, the company is also confirming plans to bring its big Android redesign to its desktop and iOS apps next.

Beeper’s big Android app redesign launched in beta last month as a complete rewrite of the multi-platform chat app. The app is now way faster, more secure by using local bridges for Signal, and also more feature-rich.

However, Beeper isn’t just an Android app.

Beeper previously confirmed to 9to5Google that it had plans to bring its Android redesign to iOS and desktop apps soon, and the company has now reiterated those plans in the wake of adding 70,000 new users since opening the floodgates earlier this week.

Beeper says that these new iOS and desktop apps will be “similar in scope to the Beeper Android rewrite,” presumably using the same design language and feature set.

Other parts of the roadmap for the app include bug fixes and improvements to the Android app including support for archiving, as well as folding the team into Beeper’s staff.

There’s no set date for the Beeper revamp on iOS and desktop, but it’s hopefully not too far off!

Just crossed 70,000 new Beeper users in last 3 days! And it’s still growing 0.75% per hour…

You’ve all sent in a ton of feedback – thank you! We have a 5-person customer support team and read EVERYTHING you send us (in-app bug report, email, Twitter DMs, Google Play reviews…

— Beeper (@onbeeper) April 12, 2024

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