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The Core cuts to the heart of the Apple news that matters to you every week. iMore’s News Editor Stephen Warwick breaks down all the top stories, along with a helping of deals, tips, insight, and humor. 

This week in Apple has been all about the iPad, except when we’re talking about Apple’s secret new robot project, of course. After more than 500 days without a new iPad (the last one came out in October 2022), we’re finally seeing real, concrete signs that new iPads are just around the corner. 

Specifically, we know of at least two that seem to be very close at hand, the M3 OLED iPad Pro, and the M2 iPad Air 6. While we once thought these might debut in March, possibly even at an Apple event, rumors now indicate that manufacturing has begun ahead of a rumored May launch, with late April an outside contender. So what are the new features we’re expecting to see in both of these devices? And will existing users want to upgrade? Here’s every upgrade coming to Apple’s next best iPads.

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The Core – Everything coming to Apple’s new iPads

OLED iPad Pro – every new feature

  • OLED – the clue’s in the name really. The biggest single upgrade we’re expecting in the new iPad Pro is an OLED display. An OLED iPad will hopefully make for a thinner (or at least lighter) tablet with improved contrast, color reproduction, and battery life. Even the viewing angles could improve. 
  • 13-inch size – Apple’s new larger iPad Pro is expected to be ever-so-slightly bigger than the current 12.9-inch model. 
  • Thinner bezels- A leak in March claims the OLED iPad Pro will have the thinnest bezels ever on a Pro model
  • Matte finish – The same leaker of those thinner bezels also claims there will be two versions of the tablet to choose from, namely matte or glossy display options. 
  • M3 chip – The new iPad Pro is expected to inherit the latest Apple silicon from Apple’s MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. It has a faster CPU and GPU compared to both the M2 and M1 versions. 
  • Landscape camera – The front-facing camera on the iPad Pro is expected to move to a landscape orientation, from its current portrait position. 
  • 4TB option – an outside possibility, rumors claim there could be a larger 4TB storage option
  • MagSafe charging – A rumor in December claimed MagSafe charging could be a feature of the new iPad Pro. 
  • New Apple Pencil and Magic Keyboard – Apple is expected to unveil a new Apple Pencil 3 and a new Magic keyboard with a larger trackpad and an aluminum top case. 

iPad Air 6 – every new feature 

  • M2 – As Apple’s OLED iPad Pro chip is tipped to be M3, we expect the iPad Air to inherit the M2 chip, a key differentiating factor between the two lines
  • 12.9-inch model – The biggest change to iPad Air is likely going to be a larger 12.9-inch model
  • Landscape camera – just like the iPad Pro, the iPad Air should also get a landscape selfie camera for better FaceTime and video conferencing when used with a keyboard.

As you can see, the iPad Air is expected to be a much more muted affair than the new OLED iPad Pro, but that 12.9-inch model is sure to turn some heads as the first truly new iPad in recent memory. 

Boot up

Siri logo with Amazon Astro robot and Samsung Ballie on a green background

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Apple is developing a product even more adventurous than Apple Vision Pro — company explores a “mobile robot that can follow users around their homes”

A new report says that now Apple Car is done, Apple’s main focus is on creating a new generation of mobile robotic devices for your home. Apple is said to be working on a device that can follow users around their homes, and a robotic home but with a moving screen. 


The Problem With Jon Stewart Poster

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“They literally said ‘please don’t talk to her'” — Jon Stewart says Apple denied guest appearance from FTC amidst swirling antitrust woes 

Jon Stewart has had plenty to say about Apple since the two ended their TV partnership last year. Most recently, the tenured TV host revealed to FTC chair Lina Khan that Apple wouldn’t let him chat to her on a podcast, as the company battles antitrust storms globally. 

For your reading list

Apple TV Plus April

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Apple TV Plus now offers some of the best films of all time — watch these five before it’s too late! 

Another 30 time-limited movies just dropped for Apple TV Plus subscribers in the U.S.. Right now you can watch some of the greatest films ever absolutely free, here are our five best picks. 

Genius Bar

iPhone 15 Review

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Did you know your iPhone has a secret QR code scanner app? Here’s how to quickly access it and no longer rely on the Camera app’s auto-detection 

 That’s right, you don’t need your iPhone’s camera app to scan a QR code, find out more here.  

One more thing

iPhone 15 Review

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Someone built an Apple Vision Pro using a box of scrap parts and it turned out better (and worse) than you might expect 

Can’t afford the $3,499 Apple Vision Pro asking price? Just make one out of scrap instead! This YouTuber did exactly that and the results might surprise you… 

Stephen Warwick has written about Apple for five years at iMore and previously elsewhere. He covers all of iMore’s latest breaking news regarding all of Apple’s products and services, both hardware and software. Stephen has interviewed industry experts in a range of fields including finance, litigation, security, and more. He also specializes in curating and reviewing audio hardware and has experience beyond journalism in sound engineering, production, and design.

Before becoming a writer Stephen studied Ancient History at University and also worked at Apple for more than two years. Stephen is also a host on the iMore show, a weekly podcast recorded live that discusses the latest in breaking Apple news, as well as featuring fun trivia about all things Apple. Follow him on Twitter @stephenwarwick9

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