Yeti 300

GoalZero reveals three new portable power stations and a fridge at CES

The GoalZero Yeti 300, 500, and 700 each offer high-wattage outputs in tiny portable packages, plus there’s a GoalZero fridge at CES 2024.

GoalZero offers a variety of portable power stations across many price points. The latest Yeti 300, 500, and 700 come with increasing capacities and peak outputs to fit a range of use cases.

Thankfully, GoalZero offers an obvious naming scheme for the Yeti batteries. The number reflects the battery’s overall capacity.

They each have similar features and designs with increasing capabilities based on capacity. The Yeti batteries are rated at IPX4 and can charge from 0% to 100% in 2 hours or less.

The Yeti 700 has 2 18W USB-A ports, a 100W USB-C port, a 30W USB-C port, a 6mm 12V 10A port, a 12V car port, and two AC outlets. It can handle 600W of output with a 1,000W surge.

The Yeti 500 has the same available ports as the Yeti 700. It can output 500W and supports a 1,000W surge.

Like the other two, the Yeti 300 has the same port layout. It can output 350W and handle a 600W surge.

Yeti Alta fridge

Yeti Alta fridge

Goal Zero’s Alta fridge keeps internal temps at 35F with just an 8W draw. It comes with an insulated cover that keeps the cooler’s contents cool.

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GoalZero reveals three new portable power stations and a fridge at CES

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