Google could introduce paid premium AI features

Google could charge Apple users for AI tools in iOS 18

Rumors suggest Google is looking to offer premium generative AI features just as Apple is allegedly planning an AI App Store for iOS 18.

Speculation and rumors about tech giants come in waves, but if you pay close enough attention, patterns and intent can break through the noise. Google has struggled to find new ways to monetize its business as AI tools don’t rely on ads, and it may have found a solution with Apple.

Anonymous sources speaking to Financial Times state that Google could offer paid premium features powered by it’s generative AI. The move would be the first time Google charged for exclusivity to a core platform feature outside ad-free options.

There’s not much to this tidbit of news. It suggests Google could add AI-powered search features to its premium subscription services.

However, the monetization path isn’t clear. Google wants its primary search tool to remain free and ad-supported, so it doesn’t plan to launch an ad-free search. So, charging for individual tools or including premium features for subscribers could be an option.

There is one opportunity for monetization, and that’s through Apple. Rumors suggest Apple is in talks with Google to provide iOS 18 users access to Gemini.

A different but related rumor suggests Apple is working to offer an AI App Store. Customers could go to the App Store to pay for access to premium AI features like Gemini search or other Google-provided AI tools.

All of these rumors may be separate, but they seem to be related to Apple’s overall strategy. The company may be working to offer smaller on-device models while outsourcing LLMs to bigger existing companies like Google.

You don’t have long to wait and find out. Apple will reveal its AI strategy during WWDC on June 10.

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