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Apple is rumored to be working on a new HomePod with a touchscreen LCD display on top, and we’ve already seen some images of this unreleased device floating around the web. Now Apple product collector Kosutami is back with a new image showing another part of one of these HomePod prototypes with a display.

Image corroborates rumors of HomePod with a display

In a post on X, Kosutami shows a screen component of an unreleased HomePod, which includes a large curved glass that covers pretty much the entire top surface of the speaker. The component matches a previously leaked HomePod prototype with a curved LCD display. For instance, the current HomePod has a flat touch surface with multiple LEDs to show color combinations.

Rumors about Apple exploring the idea of a HomePod with a display have been around for a while. According to previous reports, Apple has been internally working on many HomePod prototypes with a display, including one that looks similar to an Amazon Echo Show. However, the one shown in today’s leak would be less ambitious, with a screen on top to show quick information.

9to5Mac has previously learned that the screen can show basic information about media being played in apps such as Apple Music and Apple Podcasts. The display on the HomePod could also show some important notifications, potentially to let users answer phone calls and reply to messages.

At the same time, code found in tvOS 17.4 corroborated the existence of a more advanced HomePod prototype that has a display the size of an iPad mini 6. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman also says that Apple has been working on HomePods with a display – however, he claims that a 2024 launch is unlikely.

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HomePod with LCD display again corroborated by leaked part

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