Apple will announce iOS 18 a few months from now. While BGR has already covered a concept showing iPhone AI applications that could be available with this new software, another designer offers a new look at the possible generative AI features Apple might be readying for the iPhone.

On their YouTube channel, Kevin Kall has imagined several potential AI features for iOS 18, which we’ve rounded up below.

Siri Text and Image Generation: Siri could generate text and images in every app, as it could become your “on-demand assistant.” Since several LLMs can create images from a text prompt, we can see why the designer thinks Apple should embrace the feature in iOS 18.

Lock Screen shortcuts: After revamping the Home Screen, Lock Screen, and the Contacts app, users are now expecting Apple to let them customize the Lock Screen shortcuts. In this concept, users could remove the flashlight and the camera and add other shortcuts, such as Airplane Mode, Focus Mode, the Calculator app, and more.


Magic Remove in Photos: A feature available with Photomator could land on iOS 18, according to the designer. With it, you could erase unwanted objects in photos. But even more impressively, this concept includes a voice-powered photo editing tool. iOS 18 could let AI on your iPhone adjust, filter, or crop photos with voice commands.

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