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Apple has dabbled in audio transcription in the past with mixed success. One shining example lately has been Apple Podcasts transcripts; more pessimistically, voicemail transcripts are still subpar. But according to a new report, the upcoming iOS 18 release will unlock a host of new system-wide audio transcription and summary features, all powered by AI.

Bringing AI to Voice Memos and Notes

Marko Zivkovic at AppleInsider reports:

People familiar with the matter have told us that Apple has been working on AI-powered summarization and greatly enhanced audio transcription for several of its next-gen operating systems. The new features are expected to enable significant improvements in efficiency for users of its staple Notes, Voice Memos, and other apps.

These features appear set to make one of the strongest cases for AI integration into various parts of Apple’s operating systems.

Transcription of audio content, and the ability to receive AI summaries of that content, are two highly practical features that can save users a lot of time.

If everything works well, students will be able to record lectures and quickly, easily revisit key information via a transcript. Recorded business meetings can be summarized as a helpful reminder of what was discussed.

If these things are accomplished with true intelligence, they can provide meaningful improvement to users’ lives. These examples would be a great fit for the iPhone, of course, but I also see them being nice selling points for the AI powers of the M4 iPad Pro.

9to5Mac’s Take

Notes and Voice Memos seem like two perfect apps to integrate these features into, but I’m curious to see where else they land. I’d love a Shazam-style button in Control Center that listens to your environment and automatically transcribes what it hears—all in the background, with minimal power drain. Perhaps this could even tie into Shortcuts somehow. There are so many possibilities.

We’re just one month away from WWDC, where Apple will unveil all the details about its AI ambitions for iOS 18, iPadOS 18, macOS, and more. What are you most excited about? How do you think AI can fit into your use of Apple devices? Let us know in the comments.

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iOS 18 to bring AI audio transcription & summaries, per report – 9to5Mac

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