Published Mar 20th, 2024 6:50AM EDT

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The upcoming OLED iPad Pro might be the most captivating tablet of Apple’s 2024 models, but it won’t be the tablet most people will buy. The iPad Air 6 might just be the best option for those consumers looking for a high-end iPad on a tighter budget.

The iPad Air 6 will be all the more attractive to some buyers if it comes in two sizes, as most rumors claim. A leaker last week hinted that might not be the case, as the new iPad Air would stick with the 10.9-inch size of its predecessor. That wasn’t great news for anyone already eying the 12.9-inch iPad Air 6 as their next iPad purchase.


However, a different leaker from Asia delivers better news. Suppliers from the regions have started shipping the iPad Air 6 before its late March or early April release date. And they’re shipping the iPad Air 6 in two sizes.


Recent reports claimed that Apple would launch the iPad Air 6 and OLED iPad Pro on March 26th. The tablets would be available for preorder soon after that. Supply issues with the OLED panels for the more expensive tablets and Apple’s continued work on the iPadOS release for these models might explain the delayed launch compared to the M3 MacBook Airs that shipped in early March.

That March 26th launch seems plausible if Instant Digital’s sources are accurate. The Chinese leaker said on Weibo, via MacRumors, that Apple’s assemblers in China have already started shipping the iPad Air 6 to overseas locations.


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