The redesigned iPad Air and OLED iPad Pro models from Apple may feature a front-facing camera located on the side of the device, allowing it to be upright when used in landscape mode.

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iPad Air 6 could get 10th generation iPad landscape FaceTime camera #Apple — AppleInsider (@appleinsider) March 9, 2024

At present, the iPad Air and both iPad Pro models in Apple’s lineup are equipped with a FaceTime camera located at the top of the device. This positioning results in the camera being off-center when using FaceTime in landscape mode.

It appears that Apple has acknowledged the problem and made a change in the 10th-generation ‌iPad‌ by moving the front-facing camera to the side of the device. This adjustment allows for better usability in landscape mode instead of portrait mode. Although

Apple has not released any new ‌iPad‌ models since then, it seems likely that they will continue implementing this change in future iterations of the device.

According to code found in iOS 17.4, it was hinted that the upcoming ‌iPad Pro‌ might feature a design resembling the ‌FaceTime‌ camera.

The code stated that during the ‌Face ID‌ setup, the ‌iPad‌ should be in landscape mode with the camera positioned at the top of the screen.

Now, a reputed leaker named Instant Digital on the Chinese social platform Weibo has asserted that this alteration will also be implemented in the speculated new models of the ‌iPad Air‌, available in 10.9 and 12.9-inch sizes.

According to a recent article by ETNews, a South Korean news outlet, Apple intends to incorporate OLED screens into its iPad mini and iPad Air models by 2026. The iPad mini received its most recent update in 2021, whereas the latest iPad Air model was introduced last year.

iPad Air and iPad Pro Could Both Feature Landscape FaceTime Camera — MacRumors Front Page (@MacRumorsFP) March 8, 2024

At present, both devices come with Liquid Retina IPS LCD screens measuring 8.3 inches and 10.9 inches, respectively. According to the report, the speculated iPad models will showcase single-stack LTPS OLED screens.

Apple plans to enhance the OLED iPad mini by introducing a larger 8.7-inch screen, which is 0.4 inches larger than the current model. Despite the size increment, the iPad mini will continue to be Apple’s smallest tablet available.

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