According to MacRumors, the next-generation iPad Pro, as revealed by renowned Apple leaker ‘Instant Digital,’ will introduce a landscape-oriented front-facing camera, a first for the device.

On Weibo, Instant Digital reiterated this design alteration, offering a simple 2D image as proof. This disclosure indicates a shift of the entire TrueDepth camera array to the right side of the device, while the microphone will maintain its top position, now centred.

Presently, both the iPad Air and iPad Pro house their front-facing cameras at the top of the device. Consequently, when used in landscape mode, such as with a Magic Keyboard, the camera aligns to the left. Apple previously relocated the front-facing camera of the 10th-generation iPad to the side, aiming to enhance the landscape usage experience. Since then, no new iPad models have been launched.

In January, iOS 17.4 code hinted at the TrueDepth camera array’s relocation to the side of the upcoming iPad Pro. The code snippet reads, ‘During Face ID setup, iPad needs to be in the landscape with the camera at the top of the screen.’

According to MacRumors, Earlier this month, Instant Digital suggested that the transition to a landscape front-facing camera could also extend to the next-generation iPad Air. However, how Apple plans to execute this shift in the new iPad models remains unclear. The challenge arises from the fact that the second-generation Apple Pencil connects to both the iPad Air and iPad Pro using an inductive magnetic charger, occupying the space where the camera may need to relocate. Despite this hurdle, the launch of both the new iPad Air and iPad Pro models is expected within weeks.

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