After iPadOS 17.4 confirmed a few changes for Apple Pencil 3, an iPadOS 17.5 leak revealed a major iPad Pro feature, in addition to other functions coming to this accessory.

According to 9to5Mac‘s Filipe Espósito, iPadOS 17.5 beta has more references about unreleased iPads. The journalist has found new display firmware for four new iPad models, including:

  • iPad16,3
  • iPad16,4
  • iPad16,5
  • iPad16,6

Based on Espósito’s analysis, these identifiers not only reveal that these are next-gen iPad Pro, but they will also be available in two different sizes with Wi-Fi and Cellular options. They will feature OLED displays, and these screens will have different suppliers.

Even though you might find this information old news, this is the first time we get confirmation from Apple, as it comes from its iPadOS code. With that, the journalist could confirm all the leaks about the iPad Pro OLED display, different sizes, and connectivity options.


Most recently, DSCC display analyst Ross Young said Samsung was having issues with 11-inch OLED production and LG, which exclusively produces the 12.9-inch display, would have to help. With that, Apple delayed the introduction of the new iPad Pro. According to recent reports, Apple will unveil this tablet in early May.

Apple Pencil 3 Hover ProcreateImage source: Apple

Espósito also discovered a few more details about Apple Pencil 3. Besides the upcoming Find My feature and the “squeeze” gesture, he found references for “LongSqueeze” and “DoubleSqueeze.” These gestures are exclusive to an unreleased Apple Pencil model, but it’s unclear what new features will be unlocked. We suspect that this could mean changing brushes, apps, or else.

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