After reporting that some iPhone 15 Pro users found their devices peeling along the back edges, BGR has discovered a more widespread issue. A few readers reached out about the problem on their iPhone 15 Pro models, in which the titanium frame can extend a few millimeters above the glass on the back. As a result, the sharp titanium edges of the phone are exposed on the back.

From Reddit posts to Apple Community Forum complaints, these issues can go as far as to hurt people’s hands, or even cause an iPhone to stop working. While most of the complaints are from the first few weeks following the iPhone 15 Pro’s release, some customers are still facing this sharp edge problem to this day. A YouTuber also recently shared his account of the iPhone 15 Pro sharp edge issue.

iPhone 15 Pro sharp edge issue is plaguing some users

iPhone 15 Pro Max Back on table
iPhone 15 Pro Max Back on table Image source: Christian de Looper for BGR

One of BGR‘s readers told us that after getting an iPhone 15 Pro Max in Natural Titanium, they had to ask Apple twice to replace their phone due to this issue. Still, after three different phones, the problem persisted, and Apple support didn’t know what to do.

Our reader explained their concern about this issue on Apple’s high-end phone: “Apart from the sharpness, which is caused by a gap in the panels, the size of the gap varies to different degrees, which can allow moisture and liquid to enter inside the phone, so clearly, its waterproof rating has been brought down to zero.”


This has been corroborated by another Apple community case. A user said that they “have been seeing black goo oozing out of my camera lenses for a couple of weeks now, and (..) noticed there was moisture inside my camera lenses as they were all fogged up. I originally thought that moisture had gotten into the lenses due to this leakage of sealant around the edges, right?”

They continue: “So flash forward to this morning, while the person was running some diagnostic tests on the phone, I was looking down on the top of it, and I noticed that the rear glass in the upper left corner by the camera assembly looks raised up. (…) I never looked at my phone from that angle in good lighting, and the Apple tech I talked to yesterday mentioned it was possible the leak was from somewhere other than the camera lenses. So I take a closer look, and the right side corner is perfectly flush with the titanium frame, and the left side sticks out about a 1/64th of an inch, enough to catch my fingernail.”

At least Apple has replaced most iPhone units

iPhone 15 Pro USB-C portImage source: Joe Wituschek

While several users have reported the same issue with their iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max models, it seems most of them got a replacement from Apple – even though this is not enough in some cases.

For the time being, Apple hasn’t acknowledged this sharp edge issue as a problem for the iPhone 15 Pro lineup. While I haven’t been affected by this problem, several users say that even at Apple Stores, there are still some iPhone 15 Pro models being displayed, and you can feel their sharpness.

If you are experiencing this issue, Apple Support will likely replace your device. What’s interesting about this issue and the peeling problem recently reported by BGR is that they are both related to the new technology used by the company to replace the back glass instead of the whole unit.

With the iPhone 14 Pro models and older (except the regular iPhone 14 versions), Apple had to replace the entire iPhone if you cracked its back. Now, the company can replace only the back, which makes the repair cheaper. That said, this new method might not have been perfectly mastered by the manufacturers, now causing a headache to several users.

iPhone 15 Pro has a problem with sharp edges, and Apple support is stumped

BGR has reached out to Apple for comment, and we will update this article with any response we receive.

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