Many people complained about the overheating issue of the iPhone 15 series. Apple promised to solve the overheating problem through software updates. However, the issue still persists for many users. The problem could be due to a hardware design of the previous model.

Now a leak from tipster Majin Bu on X has revealed the battery on the iPhone 16. The image suggests that Apple doesn’t want to make the same mistake with the iPhone 16 series. According to the leak, the battery of the iPhone 16 will equip a metal case outside the soft plastic pouch. The metal casing should help dissipate the heat from the battery. It should be especially helpful when the phone is charging, as this is the scenario where the battery cell heats up the most.

The battery has a similar shape, but the engraving on the metal casing shows “3597mAh”. For context, the iPhone 15 has a smaller 3349 mAh battery.

The leaked images of the iPhone 16 battery show a frosted finish on the case. Apple has also redesigned the connectors. Apple reportedly opted for a glossy surface for the metal casing at first but later on decided to go for a frosted finish.

The use of a hard case for the batteries was first leaked in November by tipster @KosutamiSan. He also claimed that the iPhone 16 series will switch to a graphene thermal system, as it offers excellent thermal conductivity (better than copper).

The latest leak is about the base iPhone 16. However, the tipster @KosutamiSan already shared leaked images of the iPhone 16 Pro battery back in April this year. According to the leak, the battery for the iPhone 16 Pro also has a frosted metal casing and a capacity of 3355mAh. This is around a 2.4% increase as compared to the iPhone 15 Pro.

iPhone 16 could use a different battery technology or it could be heavier

iPhones were becoming heavier and Apple had to find a solution to it. They replaced the stainless steel middle frame of the Pro models with titanium to reduce the weight. As a result, the iPhone 15 Pro became significantly lighter (187g) as compared to its predecessor (206g).

While the iPhone 15 (171g) weighs very similar to its predecessor, the extra metal inside the iPhone 16 may significantly increase the weight. A higher battery capacity will also contribute to the increased weight.

Nonetheless, we can only observe the exterior of the battery pack. Apple might be using a different battery technology with higher energy density, as seen in some book-style foldables.

This is plausible since the metal casing increases the battery’s thickness, which could require a redesign of the internal components or result in a thicker phone.

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