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  • The iPhone 16 battery has apparently leaked.
  • The battery has a metal casing instead of the traditional foil, which might assist in dissipating heat.
  • At 3,597mAh, it also has slightly more capacity than the iPhone 15’s battery.

When the iPhone 15 series launched, there were a lot of complaints from buyers about excessive heat. Apple, of course, downplayed the problem but eventually said it would improve thermals through software updates. However, there are still plenty of complaints online from people who feel their iPhone 15 gets a little too toasty.

Thankfully, it appears Apple has taken this problem seriously and is determined not to have a repeat with the iPhone 16 series, due to land this fall. According to a new leak from Majin Bu on X (formerly Twitter), we see what could possibly be the iPhone 16 battery.

Notably, the battery is of a similar shape and size to the iPhone 15’s. Interestingly, though, it is encased in metal. Most smartphone batteries are encased in black foil, which doesn’t really do much for heat dissipation. A metal casing, though, could help prevent the battery from getting hot by better managing heat — at least, in theory.

Check out the leaked images below:

Elsewhere, we see that the battery comes in at a capacity of 3,597mAh. This is slightly larger than the iPhone 15’s battery, which landed at 3,367mAh. Hopefully, this could result in better battery life for the smartphone.

We expect the iPhone 16 series to include an iPhone 16, iPhone 16 Plus, iPhone 16 Pro, and iPhone 16 Pro Max. The Pro Max model might be rebranded as an “Ultra,” though, which could be a fairly big change for the line. Either way, that launch will likely happen in September.

On Monday, we’ll see the keynote event of WWDC 2024, at which we expect Apple to announce a slew of AI-powered features for iOS 18, which will be pre-loaded on iPhone 16 phones.

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