Corroborating a previous leak, a Weibo user posted the possible iPhone 16 battery capacity for all four phones in the upcoming lineup. This information could be considered great news for most people planning to upgrade, although those waiting for the iPhone 16 Plus model might be disappointed at an apparent battery capacity decrease.

According to the leaker, these are the possible iPhone 16 battery capacities:

Except for the iPhone 16 Plus, all other models will get bigger batteries, as the current iPhone 15 features a 3,349mAh battery. For example, the iPhone 15 Pro Max features a 4,422mAh battery, which means the next generation will have the best battery life ever.

Even iPhone 16 Pro users can celebrate. Previously, the possible battery capacity for the iPhone 16 Pro was unknown, but now it seems it’s 3,355mAh compared to 3,290mAh from the current generation.


As an iPhone 15 Pro user, I’m very disappointed with its battery, and I’m not sure this slightly bigger battery is enough to improve my usage. Still, Apple might be increasing the battery capacity due to an internal structure redesign that doesn’t require an L-shaped battery anymore.

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