Dummy iPhone 16 Models Side By Side


  • A leak shows us four dummy units depicting the designs of the upcoming iPhone 16 series.
  • The Pro Max unit is enormous, while the non-Pro models feature a new camera module design.
  • These designs match previous leaks, so we’re confident of their relative accuracy.

Despite Apple’s tight security (well, tighter than Google’s, that’s for sure), even the mighty Cupertino company can’t stop leaks. Today, we have a fairly significant one, which is a set of four dummy units depicting what we expect the upcoming iPhone 16 series to look like.

To be clear, these are definitely dummy units (via X user Sonny Dickson). The dead giveaway is the camera lenses: every single one is the same size, which obviously would not be the case with any real working model. That means there could be differences between what we see here and what the final, retail-ready versions of the iPhone 16 series will look like, but the overall gist is likely pretty spot-on.

The first thing you’ll likely notice is that the iPhone 16 and 16 Plus dummy units have a redesigned camera module. It looks like a mash-up of the iPhone X camera (which had two lenses stacked vertically in a pill-shaped module) and the module design of the current iPhone 15 series. We’re not sure how we feel about it yet, but it’s certainly a change.

Next, you’ll also notice how the iPhone 16 Pro Max, on the far left, dwarfs the others. With an alleged 6.9-inch display, this will be the biggest Pro Max ever. In 2023, the iPhone 15 Pro Max had a 6.7-inch display, so this is not an insignificant change.

Other than these two notable tweaks, though, there’s not much difference to see here. We do expect a new button on some models (possibly for camera controls), but that doesn’t appear to be incorporated into these dummies. Elsewhere, we expect a new chipset for the Pro models, some new AI tricks in iOS 18, and some other traditional spec upgrades.

We expect the iPhone 16 series to launch in September, so we’ve got a long way to go — and a lot more leaks — before these launch for real.

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