A gap in a case for the iPhone 16 Pro [Sonny Dickson/X]

iPhone 16 Pro Capture Button rumors boosted by accessory leak

A photo of what could be a case for the iPhone 16 Pro may have revealed the size and location of a rumored new button.

Apple’s big external change on the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max was the inclusion of the Action Button instead of a switch to toggle mute. If an image is to be taken at face value it may have more plans for the next generation of smartphones.

In a photograph released by Sonny Dickson via X on Tuesday morning, a case is shown with a black bumper and a clear rear section, as well as the square camera bump cutout. Dickson makes the claim that it is for the iPhone 16 Pro, and that it may include a “new button.”

The case accessory is pictured from the long edge that currently has the Side Button used for power and waking the iPhone 15 Pro. About two thirds of the way down the case is a cutout section, intended to access an element that would be located there.

While Dickson claims it’s for a button, the case does show that it has an element that allows users to press the Side Button without exposing it to the elements. The size of the cutout could potentially be used for other things, such as a port, a smart connector, or some form of sensor.

If it truly is for a button, it would have to be for one that requires a greater level of sensitivity, such as detecting a half-press. It could also be for a button containing a sensing element, just like the iPad Air power button has Touch ID built in.

Sonny Dickson is a prolific and reasonably reliable leaker, who has previously got details about the iPhone and other products correct over the years. However, since accessory producers often plan products long in advance of releases to capitalize on the massive first wave of iPhone purchases, this could easily be a wild guess from a vendor, based on existing rumors more than advanced knowledge.

There have been some rumors surrounding buttons on the iPhone 16 Pro, with a “Capture Button” being the most prevalent. Thought to be similar in concept to the shutter button of a camera, it could be a pressure-sensitive button that could trigger a refocusing of the camera before taking a shot, with a full press capturing the image.

The positioning of the cut-out would lend itself to this sort of activity, as the camera bump will be rotated to the top left corner of the iPhone when held in that orientation. This would mimic the positioning of the camera on some compact cameras.

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