iPhone 16 Pro colors have potentially leaked. Even though we are half a year from the introduction of new iPhone models, a leaker who correctly predicted the purple iPhone 14 Pro is now reporting on the upcoming colors for Apple’s next-gen iPhones.

According to the Weibo leaker (via ShrimpApplePro), Apple is betting on four colors for the iPhone 16 Pro models. If this leak is accurate, Cupertino will focus on two new options: Space Black and Rose. Besides that, the company will apparently continue to offer Natural Titanium and White Titanium.

The leaker says the new Space Black color will look similar to the one on the iPhone 14 Pro. The White Titanium option will also be identical to the white iPhone 14 Pro, and the Natural Titanium option, compared to the iPhone 15 Pro, is “a bit gray.”

Interestingly, the Blue Titanium option, which was the one I chose, was canceled. Still, this is something I expected as this was the most different color of all the models available with the iPhone 15 Pro model.


Although the leaker doesn’t say why Apple chose Rose as an iPhone 16 Pro color, it’s important to note that Gold/Rose Gold variants were super popular with previous iPhone models. In addition, with these color tweaks, we can assume that Apple has improved how it adds color to titanium.

iPhone 16 rumors so far

iPhone 15 Pro CameraImage source: Christian de Looper for BGR

Besides the iPhone 16 Pro colors, we actually heard a lot about the new iPhones. For example, Apple is betting on slightly larger Pro models, a new Capture Button, improved camera specs, and a new family of A18 processors.

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