iPhone 16 Pro is still a few months away from us, but if this leak is accurate, there’s a big camera improvement that will make better photos and videos.

According to news aggregator yeux1122, Apple is reportedly testing a camera lens with a new coating technology for the iPhone 16 Pro models. This new coating will improve the photography quality, including reducing flare.

Interestingly enough, while the iPhone cameras have exponentially improved, Apple couldn’t fix this issue with flare while recording. It’s like the iPhone has astigmatism, and depending on the outdoor light, it captures some weird spots of blur mixed with light.

If this leak is accurate, the new Atomic Layer Deposition equipment might fix that, making iPhone 16 Pro photos better prettier.


Apple iPhone 14 Pro CameraImage source: Christian de Looper for BGR

Thankfully, this isn’t the only information we have regarding iPhone 16 Pro camera improvements. For example, rumors say Apple plans to add a periscope lens for both Pro models. This has been corroborated several times over the past months.

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