A few new reports say Apple might double the storage of the iPhone 16 Pro without raising prices. If true, Cupertino would offer both iPhone 16 Pro models starting at 256GB of storage while maintaining the starting price of $999.

The information was shared by LeaksApplePro and also posted by news aggregator yeux1122, although it doesn’t seem to be from a different source. That said, the leaker reports that Apple is considering this change to increase sales in the United States and China, while other markets might see a price increase due to the double storage offering.

Only the iPhone 15 Pro Max currently starts at 256GB of storage. During the iPhone 15 rumor cycle, reports said Apple was raising prices for the Pro models, but the company removed the 128GB option for the high-end model and gave it a starting price of $1,299. With that, Apple didn’t change the price but started offering the iPhone 15 Pro Max in a $100 more expensive version.

If Apple does the same with the iPhone 16 Pro and gives it a base configuration of 256GB of storage, the company would technically offer it for $1,099. However, since $999 is the new “sweet spot” for high-end phones, Cupertino will likely charge the same price as the iPhone 15 Pro but will double the storage.


iPhone 15 Pro USB-C PortImage source: Christian de Looper for BGR

Most likely, this will be possible by offering bundles with carriers or trade-in plans. If you recall, it’s been a few years since Apple started charging a bit extra for the regular iPhone models with an unlocked plan.

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