iPhone 16 Pro storage | Last year's model shown

Here we go again. LeaksApplePro is back, this time with a claim that iPhone 16 Pro storage tiers could start at 256GB, up from the 128GB starting point of last year’s model.

As we’ve noted before, the supposed source is an account with a history of just making stuff up, and we’re mentioning it at all simply because coverage elsewhere means readers might be misled into giving it credence …

The account doesn’t even try to claim that it has any supply-chain source to back this, merely saying that it “looks like” Apple “could” raise the base storage to 256GB.

What’s the basis for this claim?

According to people close to the industry, Apple could be considering increasing the base storage of the iPhone 16 Pro to 256GB.

So unspecified people think Apple “could” be “considering” the change.

What do we actually know?

Nothing as yet.

What we do know is the history. While both iPhone 14 Pro models started with the same 128GB base storage, this changed with the iPhone 15 line-up.

The iPhone 15 Pro remained on the 128GB base tier, with the same $999 starting price. The larger Pro Max model, in contrast, got a bump to a starting point of 256GB – but also got a corresponding $100 price increase. That wasn’t Apple giving more storage for the same price, rather the company was effectively dropping the bottom tier of 128GB for $1,099.

Could Apple boost the bottom storage tier to 256GB? Sure, it could happen. Might it do so at the same $999 starting price, as the report claims (sorry, “believes”)? Perhaps. But there is absolutely zero evidence for either claim, and this account is not a source.

Want to be an Apple ‘leaker’ with no sources? Just spray out a stream of stuff that could happen, and claim success on the ones where you guessed right.

iPhone 15 Pro photo by Rohan on Unsplash

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iPhone 16 Pro storage ‘leak’ is nothing more than speculation – 9to5Mac

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